What is Chronic Blushing?

For most of us, blushing when we’re embarrassed or anxious is a common occurrence.  But for those who suffer from a stronger type of blushing, or blush more easily, also known as pathological blushing, this abnormal facial reddening can become physically and psychologically tormenting. ...More

For Those Who Don't Understand Chronic Blushing

Forget all you know about blushing because that is your experience and what is considered "normal blushing." Chronic Blushing is not normal. Normal blushers get embarassed and blush. Chronic blushers blush first then become embarassed, which is followed by more intense blushing due to the embarassment of the initial unprovoked blush. ...More

Do you have Chronic Blushing?

Q & A with Dr. Jadresic
(Author of When Blushing Hurts)

As a former sufferer, can you describe how this can interfere with daily life?

Pathological Blushing is a psychologically consuming condition, it’s exhausting. Since it’s visible and uncontrollable and frequent, you are always on the alert. You dread blushing or the possibility of it happening. Of course anybody can blush if he/she is embarrassed but pathological blushers on many occassions blush for reasons that have nothing to do with embarrassment: seeing someone you know, running into someone you know unexpectedly, when called on in class. Blushers may become red even when they are in a group of people they are comfortable with, when they are alone speaking on the phone. I remember blushing whenever I unexpectedly met patients or students (I am a university professor). It was not because of embarrassment but the immediate facial reddening made me feel very embarrassed in front of my patients or students. I recall a lady resident of psychiatry once saying to me: “there you go up the cherry tree again, Doctor”. Some may even blush because the attention is being focused on whoever is besides them. I call that a “solidarity-type” of blushing.


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Our Mission:

Our mission is to increase awareness of Chronic/Pathological Blushing within the medical community so an individual suffering from this physiological condition can seek treatment more easily and readily before the condition can evolve into a psychological condition. Our mission is to also create an awareness of Chronic/Pathological Blushing within society so that it is better understood by those suffering from the condition as well as those not suffering. This will hopefully enable the chronic blusher to open up about their condition rather than living life in secrecy and shame.

Dr. Enrique Jadresic
Associate Professor of Psychiatry
University of Chile when blushing hurts

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